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Welcome to Nanchang ZOLI Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.


ZOLI Construction Machinery was founded in 2003, with 5 affiliated companies including Nanchang ZOLI Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd, Jiangxi ZOLI Construction Machinery, ZOLI Heavy Industry, ZOLI Machinery and HOLD Casting.

After years of hard work, ZOLI has become the leading manufacturer of excavator spare parts & wear parts in China. We offer full range of excavator parts: excavator bucket, bucket teeth, teeth adapters, side cutters, bucket linkages, track adjuster cylinders,chain links etc. Annual output is around 200,000 sets for spare parts and 12000 tons for casting products.

Advanced equipment and modern quality control measures have been applied, such as direct reading spectrograph, intermediate frequency furnace silicon controlled rectifier, net belt hardening furnace, CNC machining center, CNC LATHE etc. OEM & ODM service is welcome!

ZOLI enjoys 568 talented employees and rich technical forces to provide quality products and excellent service to our customers in Europe, Southeast Asia, Mid-east, South America, Africa etc. 

Our new casting plant HOLD Casting will start to produce at the end of 2016, the whole productivity is expected to grow significantly.We sincerely invite you to our company and establish long-term cooperation with you!

Business Philosophy: Customers first, Market orientation, Create social value.

Mission: To be the top spare part manufacturer in construction machinery industry!  

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