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Welcome to Nanchang ZOLI Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.

Development of ZOLI

October 2013 :  Zoli HOLD Casting project was launched in Anyi Industrial Park, covers 60,000-square-meter. It’s expected to start production at the beginning

                              of 2016, the monthly output will be over 1200 tons then.

December 2012 :  NANCHANG ZOLI INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD was granted independent export right for self-manufactured products in Dec.2012, when our global

                                  business started.

2010 :  As the third production base, Zoli Casting factory started the production in 2010

September 2009:  NANCHANG ZOLI INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. was found in 2009.

2007 : As the second production base, Jiangxi Zoli construction machinery company was found in 2007, covers 80,000-square-meter, and annual output was around

             100,000 pieces.

2005 :  As the first production base in Jiangxi, Zoli machinery factory in Anyi began to produce in 2005.

2004 :  Several branch offices had been set up for domestic market in 2004.

2003 :  Guangzhou Zoli was found in 2003

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